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MARK RYDEN 33L Fashionable Anti-Thief Multifunctional Waterproof USB Charging Travel Updated Version Men Backpack (2)

RM 238.03
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The backpack have large capacity, oxford fabric material handiness and waterproof. Breathable stereo honeycomb back pad keep back dry. Whisties and compasses increase the safety of travel.

Modern business style, smooth cutting, black color, fashion and resistant to dirty.
33L large capacity can pack all your electronic devices and daily necessities.
12 types acceptable interlayer, make your belongs in order.
2 digital isolation layer, protect your electronic devices.
Oxford fabric material is handiness and waterproof.
The lord bag' open angle up to 180 degrees, convenient to take and store belongs.
SBS zippers increases durability, and gives luxury look.
Adjustable chest strap relieve shoulder and neck pressure. 
Breathable stereo honeycomb back pad and shoulder strap keep back dry.
Survival whistle and compass increase the safety of travel.
Inner USB cable allows you to charge your mobile phone when you moving.
Back have anti-thief bag, keep your belongs far away from lose.

Model: MR9031ZS_SJ00
Color: Black
Capacity: 33L
Opening Model: Zipper
Material: Oxford Fabric
Style: Business
Shoulder Strap Quantity: 2
Function: Waterproof, Breathable, Wear-Resistant, Anti-Theft, Load Shedding, Anti-Knock
Item Weight: 1200g / 42.33ounces
Item Size: 500 * 320 * 160mm / 19.69 * 12.60 * 6.30in
Package Weight: 1340g / 47.27ounces
Package Size: 510 * 350 * 80mm / 20.08 * 13.78 * 3.15in

Package List:
1 * Backpack

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